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Smart construction and technology could save £15bn a year, says UK government

Fri, 12/08/2017 - 10:34
A three-point plan to improve UK infrastructure delivery could generate savings of £15 billion a year, the government has claimed.
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Apple wins trade mark battle over Chinese rival's 'Mi Pad'

Wed, 12/06/2017 - 14:03
A Chinese electronics company has lost a bid to register the name 'Mi Pad' as an EU trade mark for its tablet computers following opposition by Apple.
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Copyright-protected works will not be subject to new EU rules on 'geo-blocking'

Mon, 12/04/2017 - 15:57
Online service providers in the EU will not face new obligations to make their copyrighted content available to customers to access when they are visiting other EU countries after proposed new EU laws were watered down.
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UK admits that Investigatory Powers Act needs updated to comply with EU law

Fri, 12/01/2017 - 16:54
The Investigatory Powers Act needs to be updated if it is to comply with EU law, the UK government has admitted.
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Retailers and logistics companies could be considered as intermediaries in IP rights infringements, says European Commission

Fri, 12/01/2017 - 12:18
It is open to rights holders under EU law to pursue retailers and logistics companies as intermediaries in the infringement of their intellectual property (IP) rights, the European Commission has said.
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UK government review seeks to spur industry investment in future telecoms infrastructure

Fri, 12/01/2017 - 09:37
A new review will be conducted by the UK government in a bid to spur greater investment from telecoms companies into new telecoms infrastructure, such as 'full fibre' and '5G' networks.
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UK regulator warns of enforcement action against secondary ticketing sites

Thu, 11/30/2017 - 14:33
A number of websites that facilitate the second-hand sale of tickets have been told to improve their practices by a UK regulator after it raised concerns about their compliance with consumer protection law.
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UK government extends 'G-Cloud 9' framework for public sector cloud services procurement until May 2019

Thu, 11/30/2017 - 12:28
The UK government has promised major changes to the way public sector bodies procure cloud-based IT services after it extended the term for the current iteration of its 'G-Cloud' framework by as much as a year.
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Australia to legislate to open up access to consumer data across sectors

Thu, 11/30/2017 - 11:47
Consumers in Australia will be able to share data held by their bank, energy company or telecoms provider with other businesses more easily under new laws to be introduced in the country.
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EU policymakers miss chance to clarify principles around the licensing of standard-essential patents, says expert

Thu, 11/30/2017 - 09:52
ANALYSIS: The European Commission has missed an opportunity to provide greater clarity to technology companies over the approach they should follow when licensing standard-essential patents (SEPs).
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Sector deals for automotive, construction, life sciences and AI at the heart of new UK industrial strategy

Mon, 11/27/2017 - 15:45
Special support has been outlined for businesses in the automotive, construction, life sciences and artificial intelligence (AI) industries operating in the UK.
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Budget 2017: Tax litigation and investigations

Fri, 11/24/2017 - 12:52
ANALYSIS: Although the UK Budget announced 18 new measures in relation to tax disputes and investigations, they were not all new. The most significant proposals include a new 12 year assessment time limit for offshore matters and measures to tackle VAT evasion by sellers on online marketplaces.
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UK authorities notified of Uber data breach 'by the media', says minister

Thu, 11/23/2017 - 16:36
Uber did not tell UK authorities about the data breach it has experienced prior to going public about the incident, the UK's digital minister has said.
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Budget 2017: UK to enable driverless cars to be tested without 'a human safety operator'

Thu, 11/23/2017 - 09:48
UK legislation is to be updated to allow fully autonomous cars to be tested on UK roads without "a human safety operator" present in the vehicles, the government has announced.
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BUDGET 2017: life sciences companies stand to benefit if plans to spur pension funds' investment in innovative businesses work, says expert

Wed, 11/22/2017 - 17:15
Plans to encourage pension funds to make long term investments in innovative UK businesses have been outlined by the UK government.
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Government announces billions in funding for R&D and infrastructure development

Mon, 11/20/2017 - 16:21
The UK government has announced substantial new investment in research & development (R&D) and transport development as part of its industrial strategy.
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MPs publish draft legislation designed to protect 'gig economy' workers from exploitation

Mon, 11/20/2017 - 16:17
MPs have released draft legislation aiming to force companies to pay self-employed workers higher wages and provide basic rights and benefits, in a response to continued focus on the 'gig economy'.
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'Genuine right to substitute' behind Deliveroo drivers' union recognition defeat, expert says

Fri, 11/17/2017 - 17:21
Cyclists delivering food on behalf of Deliveroo are self-employed, rather than 'workers' who would be entitled to unionise, a labour rights body has ruled.
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Businesses should review restrictive covenants for long-term staff to address risk of confidentiality breaches, says expert

Fri, 11/17/2017 - 17:11
Businesses should review the restrictive covenants written into their employees' contracts on a regular basis to ensure that the terms provide fitting protection against the risks of confidentiality breaches, an expert in dispute resolution has said. 
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Tech suppliers will not be subject to new cyber laws in Singapore

Wed, 11/15/2017 - 09:20
Suppliers of technology to the operators of critical information infrastructure in Singapore will not be subject to new cybersecurity laws set to be introduced next year, the city state's government has confirmed.
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