Risk and Responsibility - Pathways to Global Resilience


Risk and Responsibility in a Hyperconnected World – Pathways to Global Cyber Resilience examines some of the key threats posed by hyperconnectivity and what should be done about them. Produced in collaboration with Deloitte, the report provides a multistakeholder perspective on ways to deal with increasing cyber attacks and to improve corporate governance.

Aimed at executives, non-specialists and experienced practitioners alike, the report discusses key aspects of cyber resilience such as information sharing, trust and the economics of cyber security. It offers a number of recommendations for the private and public sector, urging both to engage in a structured discussion on corporate responsibility and balanced policy to strengthen global cyber resilience.


Risk and Resilience - Global Cyber Resilience


Watch the short video, Companies Like Yours – hosted by project advisers Deloitte – to learn more about possible consequences of cyber threats.