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Cyber risks for retailers, it’s more than just losing credit card details


Retail has changed and it’s the use and dependence on technology which is at the heart of this change.


According to research by eDigitalResearch almost half of smartphone users did some pre Christmas shopping this year on their mobile device and tablet users are “second screening” whilst watching TV. This is the process of reviewing a product immediately after seeing it advertised on TV.


Passwords – Still using your mother’s maiden name?


How strong is your password? Are you using one of the top 10 passwords such as “123456” or “Password”?


Do you use personal information such as family names, pets names or important dates that can easily be found on social networking sites such as Facebook? Do you use the same passwords across multiple sites meaning that if criminals get your password for one site then they can access them all?


Cybercrime – it’s the future.


Cybercrime is the most prevalent form of criminal activity now surpassing the global drugs trade. “In the face of real threats to our [USA] security and our economy” President Obama has recently signed a Cybersecurity Order pledging US$ 4.7 Bn to secure the virtual defences of the USA.

However, it is not just nation states that face this emerging threat, individuals and organisations also have a real and present exposure, and we are not just talking about those businesses that process credit card information either.




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