cyber risk

NIST roadmap for improving Critical Cybersecurity Infrastructure

As part of the development, future planning and engagement on Information Security and Cyber Risk NIST has produced a Roadmap’ to the Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity. This Framework discusses the next steps and identifies key areas of development, alignment, and collaboration. 
                               NIST Cybersecurity Roadmap

Cyber is just another RISK, but it needs better management - IRM Report

IRM - leading the risk profession - Cyber Risk ReportIRM calls for more integration of Cyber Risk Management into Business Planning 
The Institute of Risk Management have published guidance on Cyber Risk Management to provide more information and discuses the implications and action needed across the profession. It is complemented by a resource manual that goes into more detail and offers various tools for practitioners.  

Risk & responsibility in a hyperconnected world - McKinsey & Co (WEF)

Hyperconnected World Risk and implications

Implications for enterprises

As part of its contribution to the World Economic Forum, McKinsey & Co have produced a new report on how organisations can gain full value from technology in a hyper-connected world.
'Risk & responsibility in a hyperconnected world' is  based on interviews with over 200 enterprises, technology vendors and public agencies under taken over the past year.