Cyber Security

Commercial Risk Europe features CRIF amid concerns on Energy Company cover

CRIF on the need for more mature Cyber Risk ManagementFollowing the reports from the BBC on the challenges facing some energy companies in obtaining cyber insurance CRE helped CRIF get out our message on the need for a more mature and integrated approach to the management and cover of Cyber Risk.

The BBC article stated that "... a  number of energy companies had bee refused cover because of inadequacies in their cyber security"

Cyber Street Wise campaign targets Cyber Security

Cyber Street Wise is open for Business According to a government report released last year, 87 per cent of small firms surveyed suffered an online security breach in the previous 12 months, including data corruption and loss as well as hacking and fraud.

The financial losses associated with cyber crime are just as significant for small businesses as they are for larger ones and small businesses need to do more to protect themselves and their customers online.  

NIST publishes draft Cyber Risk Framework

Link to NIST Computer security portal

The US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)  has now released its draft of the delayed cyber security framework recommendation for Information Technology best practices.
The document which was produced in response to President Obama’s executive order in February 2013 details the result of the work undertaken within industry are being adopted by organisations aimed at improving the cyber security of critical infrastructure organisations. 

Cyber risks for retailers, it’s more than just losing credit card details


Retail has changed and it’s the use and dependence on technology which is at the heart of this change.


According to research by eDigitalResearch almost half of smartphone users did some pre Christmas shopping this year on their mobile device and tablet users are “second screening” whilst watching TV. This is the process of reviewing a product immediately after seeing it advertised on TV.


Passwords – Still using your mother’s maiden name?


How strong is your password? Are you using one of the top 10 passwords such as “123456” or “Password”?


Do you use personal information such as family names, pets names or important dates that can easily be found on social networking sites such as Facebook? Do you use the same passwords across multiple sites meaning that if criminals get your password for one site then they can access them all?


Government tasks FSA to product cyber security guidance for financial services sector

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) will shortly be publishing a review cyber security across the financial services sector.

Greg Clark (MP), financial secretary to the Treasury has reported to Parliament that the Bank of England and the Treasury are working with the FSA to review how cyber security is currently managed across the finance sector. Working with other agencies the procedures of a number of financial institutions will be benchmarked in a programme led by the FSA.

UK Cyber Strategy : Landscape Review NAO


National Audit Office The National Audit Office scrutinizes public spending for Parliament and is independent of government. 

This landscape review describes government’s evolving approach to cyber security and describes the programme of work it has under way.

In this report the National Audit Office describes the U.K.'s national cyber security strategy in some detail looking at both opportunities and threats. It details how the £650 million of investment currently planned over the next three years is being used and aligns with the broader interests of the UK.

Cyber Security Glossary



Any software application that displays advertising banners while the program is running. Adware often includes code that tracks a user’s personal information and passes it on to third parties without the user’s authorization or knowledge. And if you gather enough of it, adware slows down your computer significantly. Over time, performance can be so degraded that you may have trouble working productively. See also Spyware and Malware.

Advanced persistent threat

Twitter password 'hack' highlights need for responsibility

Phishing for responsibility
As one of the highest profile tech firms on the planet it is no surprise that Twitter is once again the target of a malicious attach by hackers. 
The recent security breach affecting 250,000 users is one of the biggest to ever affect Twitter and highlights growing concerns over the danger of so-called cyber attacks. Twitter has warned all the users who had their passwords stolen to reset them to avoid any further risk.
Sensible advice, but security experts warned that the hackers may already have  valuable  information, as many people's Twitter passwords are identical to those they use for other purposes, including banking.