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November 2014 Cyber Risk legal update

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As the days get more and more overcast and the nights draw in, what more fitting than another piece of "cloud" documentation to consider when engaging with a cloud services provider. This autumn has seen the acknowledgment of a plethora of international standards on cloud computing.  

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DAC Beachcroft Adviser Newsletter

October 2014 update 

How many of us are annoyed on daily basis by the cookie banner pop up which has become a feature of our digital lives?
"This website uses cookies. If you continue using this site we assume that you are happy with that”
The honest answer is usually, "I don’t really care, but I will click anything just to get this annoying pop up off my screen"! For those who weren't following the legislative changes at the time, these pop-ups were a result of a change in law in 2009 when the European Parliament adopted an amendment to the ePrivacy Directive.

HMG steps up support for Lawyers and Accountants with free online training

Department of Business, Innovation and Skills helps Lawyers and Accountants develop Cyber Risk knowledge Digital Economy Minister Ed Vaizey has announced a new free online training course to help members of the legal and accountancy professions develop the skills they need to protect themselves and their clients from cyber-attacks.
Developed by government and industry, the on-line training will also enable lawyers and accountants to advise their clients on the cyber risks to their business. This will help UK businesses protect themselves from information breaches and other threats that could potentially cost them millions of pounds.

DAC Beachcroft | Insurance, Privacy & Data Security News | September 2014

DAC Beachcroft Adviser Newsletter

September 2014 update 

Cyber security is about risk reduction, not risk prevention. No system can ever be 100% secure, particularly when constrained by financial resources and the exposure to human error or behaviour.

The law governing data security is similarly not absolute. For example, the Data Protection Act 1998 ("DPA") demands that an organisation has "appropriate" technical and organisational security measures.

DAC Beachcroft | Insurance, Privacy & Data Security News | August 2014

DAC Beachcroft Adviser Newsletter

August 2014 update 

Cyber-attacks remain a regular feature of news headlines. This month, reports circulated that Russian hackers have allegedly carried out the world's biggest ever data theft, amassing 4.5 billion user credentials.

The hack was identified by US security experts Hold Security and, if true, could be the largest publicised breach in history.

Data & Privacy Exposures are not limited to security breaches

The impication of the Google 'right to be forgotten' caseThe Right to be Forgotten isn't just a Google issue
When considering data protection, data losses tend to spring to mind. However, this year, the risks of holding data for too long have been at the fore.
The recently publicised "right to be forgotten" case saw the European Court of Justice rule that Google Spain was a data controller due to its capacity to find, index, store and make information available to the public on its website.

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DAC Beachcroft Adviser Newsletter

July 2014 update 

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Data protection and privacy is only one element of cyber risk and there have been a number of recent public and private sector initiatives which highlight the need to mitigate cyber risk from a business disruption perspective.